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Frequent Asked Questions

Sample Questions from past test papers

Grade 1, 2 & 3
There were 4 sheets of colour paper:- red, blue, yellow and white.The colour papers are square in shape and of the same size. I stuck these colour papers on a window in a room. My sister Nancy is standing on a balcony outside the window now.How will the window be seen for Nancy?

Fill in the picture on your right below.

I stuck colour papers as above.

The colour and patterns of the
window seen by Nancy.
Grade 4, 5 & 6
Peter has a son whose name is John.
Peter's age will be 3 times of John's age in 5 years' time.
Peter's age will be 2 times of John's age in 17 years' time.
How old is Peter now?
Grade 3
There are 3 types of weights, , and . These are put on the scale as shown in diagrams A and B. How many need to be placed to balance in diagram C?
Grade 6
At a town gathering, the people gathered are given a number card from 1 onwards according to their arrival. The last digit of the last person's card number who arrived will determine the winning number and prizes will be given.

As the last digit of the last person's card number was 7, all who had card with 7 as their last digit received prize of $500 each.

However, it was discovered that one card was not distributed. The last digit of the card which was not given was 2.

Then with a bigger number than the one not distributed, $300 each were given out to all with 8 as the last digit on their cards as additional prizes.

As a result, 33 people received prizes and total amount of prizes was $14,100.

What was the card number of the last person who arrived?
What was the number of the card which was not given out?
Grade 5
The total height of 4 people A, B, C, D is 616 cm. A is the tallest, D is the shortest and the difference in height between A and D is 18 cm. The height difference between A and B is the same as difference between C and D. Find the height of A.
Grade 1
There is a piece of square paper. Numbers from 1 to 16 are written as shown in Picture 1. Fold it one by one as below, then cut out the shaded part as shown in Picture 2. If you add up all the numbers written in the shaded cut-out part, how much will it be?
Grade 2
There are 40 students in Mrs Lee's class. She checked the number of students whether they have any elder brother or younger sister. 26 students have elder brothers and 13 students have younger sisters. 10 students have neither elder brother nor younger sister. The number of students who have elder brothers but do not have a younger sister is __________.
Grade 6
One year consists of 365 days. Correctly to say, however, it consists of 365.2422 days. In order to adjust the time lag, one year consists of 366 days 97 times in 400 years. Find the time lag 400 years later. Give your answer in hours, minutes and seconds.

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