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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Are children allowed to use Sakamoto Maths Method in their school exams?

- Yes, children are allowed to use any method including Sakamoto Maths Method in their school exams and PSLE if the workings are logical and clear.  If the teacher in school minus marks for workings, do check with the teacher and clarify.  For problem solving model approach may not solve all questions, hence alternative method may help them.

Q. Is a qualified Sakamoto Maths teacher conducting my son’s class?

- All franchisee centres should pin up a notice regarding the names of certified Sakamoto Maths Teachers and the expiry date of each teacher.  Sakamoto HQ is issuing the official letter above in a silver certificate frame to each franchisee centre periodically.

Q. In all franchisee centres, are they using the same teaching materials?

- All franchisee centres are using the teaching materials published by Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd.  Lower primary materials are in B5 size booklets and upper primary are in A4 or B5 size.  All mock school exam papers are in A4 size.  All franchisee centres should use original worksheets with our blue Sakamoto logo printed on the bottom right hand corner.  In addition to above worksheets, however, the teacher in charge or the centre may insert some other questions in the lesson basing on their judgement.

Q. Do you have a free trial lesson for children?

- There isn’t any free trial lesson for children.  As one lesson will not make a child understand or like the lesson.  However, for upper primary we have a Sakamoto Introductory Workshop.  It is conducted during the school holidays for 8 hours spread out in 3 or 4 days.  During the workshop, the basic rules of Sakamoto Method is taught and the child will have a better understanding of Sakamoto Method before enrolling the regular Sakamoto class.  This introductory workshop is compulsory for all newly joined primary 4 to 6 students.  We will issue an attendance certificate and an original ring file to the student who has attended the Sakamoto Introductory Workshop all days.

Q. My son is studying Sakamoto Maths Method.  I want to help my son’s homework.  How can I study Sakamoto Maths?

- We do have Parents’ Workshop conducted yearly either during the mid year or end of the year.  Parents will have a better understanding of Sakamoto.  However, if your children do have queries and problem with their homework, you can just ask the teacher to explain to the child in the next lesson.
For upcoming Parents’ Workshop, please refer to NEWS & Event page.

Q. I want to teach Sakamoto Method.  How can I become a Sakamoto Maths teacher?

- You should have good grades in Mathematics during “O” and “A” levels.  You can go to any Sakamoto franchise centres for an interview and centre will sponsor you for the Sakamoto Maths Method Teachers’ Training Course.  We do not take individuals for the training above.

Q. I am interested to open up a Sakamoto Maths Centre.  What should I do?

- You can e-mail us your details, Franchise Opportunities, and we will conduct a Franchise Presentation for you as soon as possible to create a better understanding of Sakamoto History, Method and Franchise Terms & Conditions.



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